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Earn Money for YOUR Club

If you Club has players/members who will be registering and taking part, message and we''ll include your club name in the list of Organisations/Clubs.

  1. This is a Web-based competition (not too dissimilar to ‘last-man-standing’).
  2. Entries and Fees are collected on-line and weekly selections are submitted on-line.
  3. It cost only €20.50 per person to enter on-line.
  4. How money will be split:

€10.00 from each entry goes back as PRIZES [50%].

€2.50 from each entry goes to VEC FC [12.5%].

€7.50 from each entry goes to YOUR CLUB [37.5%].

[50c is an admin. Fee]

  1. All Clubs have to do is to get as many of the players (and friends) from their club to enter the PAW competition on-line. Players just have to ‘tap’ your club name (under Organisation/Club) when registering. Then, if your Club generates just 50 entries for example (over 2 competitions per season), that’s €750 profit with minimal effort for your Club.  VECFC will do the rest!  It’s much easier than selling raffle tickets!
  2. If you wish to clarify anything above or if you have any comments or questions, please contact or ring 087-2446024.